Est. 2017

Our Story

House of DB, is the shortened name and stands for ‘House of Designer Body’s.’ We
offer a range of clothing items, lifestyle products and fashion to be enjoyed by women from all walks of life.

Being fans of loungewear we often realised that with some items purchased elsewhere, the quality changed after just a few wears. Therefore, our aim is to produce good quality loungewear that lasts!
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At DB Doll our aim is to produce items of high quality that last and at an affordable price. We offer a range of comfortable, sexy and fairly priced pieces.

Confident women may like to show off their curves without showing too much and that’s what our line is designed to do! This is for women who are comfortable with their natural or enhanced curves. Imperfection is perfection, when you’re comfortable in the skin you’re in.

Our T-Shirt line is aimed at plastic surgery fans all over the world. The plastic surgery community is huge, proud and our aim is to show the world that there’s no shame in our game.

Our products are to help women restore their bodies. Whether that was before children, weight gain or ageing – we have something that will bring your confidence to the forefront.

Our products help resolve Stretch marks, Cellulite and Scarring. We also have feminine products to help restore your PH balance. These products are aimed to help women become more confident naked. We will help women in all areas of life – no matter the circumstance, no matter the body type.
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Key People

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